Lightboxes for Protest ! A Polly Ernest Idea

In his book, Small Acts of Resistance: How Courage, Tenacity, and a Bit of Ingenuity, Can Change the World, Steve Crawshaw reveals some of the small protest ideas which people have used to protest against their governments. Taking the TV for a walk in Poland, during the news, for example.

At the beginning of November 2017, many Catalonians banged saucepans to protest against Catalonian leaders being jailed.

Polly Ernest saw a lightbox in The Works and thought something along the lines of ‘Hey ! Remainers could have fun with those.’ Her suggestion is #StopBrexit, but you could come up with a slogan of your own.

The Works has three lightboxes, an A5 size for £8.00 and two A4 sizes for £10.00
The Works – lightboxes  They run on batteries not mains so should be safe for children older than toddlers and they are slim enough to fit on all windowsills – or can be wall mounted.

Click and collect is free or you can spend £20.00 and get free standard shipping – do have a look at the codes first, before ordering, as they can’t be applied retrospectively.

Polly thought outside the box to use a lightbox for protest !

UPDATE: Battery deals 08.11.17

Duracell Ultra Power AA batteries (8 pack)
2 for £8 Morrisons
Duracell Plus AA batteries (8 pack)
3.90 ASDA; 2 for £8 Waitrose and Boots
Duracell Plus AA batteries (12 pack)
£5 Sainsbury’s

#StopBrexit Photo by Théroigne S B G Russell 2017