Called it!

The People's Challenge

As some of you may have seen yesterday, we said that the Brexit Impact studies would say more about the Govt than they would about Brexit.

Well now we have it. It seems possible, and even likely, that these papers don’t exist, other than as scribbles on a pizza box.

The Govt apparently needs 3 weeks to “compile” these studies. We ordered Impact studies, apparently long since finished, people have been talking about them for weeks! It now seems that we asked for an illuminated Gutenberg Bible in velum and leather bindings.

Did the Govt commission these Impact assessments? When were they commissioned? Have they been completed? Or was the Govt just hoping to string Parliament and the public along, and is only now doing its due diligence because it’s being forced to?


We value your support, both moral and financial. If you share our concerns about the work…

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