Remainers and Social Media

Firstly, please don’t waste your time and energy, arguing with belligerent Leavers. If they’re real, Remainer-baiting is a sport for them. You will NEVER convert them to Remain.

Yet there are people out there, who voted Leave and feel that they were lied to by the Vote Leave campaign, who don’t know where to find accurate information, who feel isolated in a divided family or who live in a Leave area without any local groups. These are the people we should all be spending time on.  They are brave, because it takes guts to admit that they were taken in by Vote Leave.

Only 1 in 50 Leavers would need to change their mind, to win a second referendum, because the margin between Leave and Remain was 1.3m votes. 37% of the electorate, just 26% of the population, voted Leave. Not enough for a strike and 5 million short of a standard super-majority.

You don’t need to climb Everest, when climbing Ben Nevis several times would win the numbers needed.

Some of the people who bait you, will be bots, possibly from Russian troll farms.  You argue with them and draw people into the argument  – and all it does is spread their messages and gain them traction. Twitter clocks their activity and decides that they should get on Who To Follow.

Video: Bot Basics – Elementary Level – J J Patrick (2017)

It really is OK to block accounts which you believe to be bots. The more we disrupt their activity the better.

Politicians (most of whom are on Twitter) see the noise and get scared, believing that this noise is from real people. If you block a real Remainer by mistake, usually, other Remainers will speak up for them.

The time you spend fighting bots doesn’t benefit you, or the Remain cause. The time you spend arguing with a bot or a real-life Leaver troll could be better spent signing petitions, or donating to crowdfunds – or even Knitting for Remain

If you want to learn more about bots, please follow J J Patrick @J_amesp and Mike Hind @MikeH_PR on Twitter. You’ll learn how to spot bots and what their strategy is.

Adding #FBPE (Follow Back Pro EU) to your tweets allows Remainers to find you more easily. It also enables Leaver bots and trolls to target you too. If all bots have to do, is add #FBPE to their tweets, to get Remainers to follow them, they’ll do it.

Another popular hashtag is #StopBrexit which is useful as a rallying call. There have been instances where Twitter and Facebook have blocked Remainers for using this. We  think that our message is important. But if you’re sending it out, unsolicited, to groups and random Remainers, Facebook might not differentiate between your message and an ad for double glazing.

If you want to take part in #StopBrexitHour on Sundays 18:00 – 19:00 GMT/BST and organised on Twitter by @stopbrexithour please make your contribution more than just adding #stopbrexithour to a retweeted news story or message.

If you’ve taken part in a vigil in York or London, a Pulse of Europe event in Bath or just spotted an EU flag, you could include the photos with your own message and the hashtag and tweet at a local media outlet and your MP if s/he is on Twitter. You’ll find their Twitter handle, either on or their Parliamentary profile Parliament – Find Your MP

If you’re a member of a group and have an event coming up, put the details in a tweet with #stopbrexithour and tweet to local media outlets  – and @RemainerAction, to get RTs and to go in the website blog (if not already in it).

Groups aren’t following each other on social media, which means they don’t have a ready-made network. That’s important when messages need to go out fast, like an urgent action or cancelled event.

Memes add impact on social media – just find a verifiable fact and relevant photo and shazam !

Social media platforms are useful, for getting messages out there, for communicating with each other as individuals or in groups and with media, MPs and government. Twitter RTs can make a huge difference to crowdfunds.

The disadvantages are:

Believing that tweeting and retweeting alone is really helpful.

Not everyone can afford to pledge to crowdfunds, but everyone can sign a petition, share a message about the petition and retweet it. Adding your message adds impact and makes others more likely to sign. Not only did you sign it, you convinced others to do the same. That’s more worthwhile than a 0.2 second RT.

Getting into the same mindset as Leave and thinking that there can be no dissent, therefore you feel compelled to tackle every Leaver on social media.

It really doesn’t help. We need clear thinking Remainers to win, not frazzled ones. If you just can’t get rid of that combatitive trait, then please register with tabloids and get stuck into the reader comments to reach people beyond social media.

Remainers Righting The Balance On Reader Comments

Thinking about your social media usage and making it work harder for you, gives more impact.

If you can pause before an action and ask yourself: ‘What does this achieve for the Remain cause ?’ that’s a good check. Does making #StopBrexitHour trend in London, achieve more or less than seeing a crowdfund raise £1000 in 2 hours and knowing you helped ? That’s for you to decide.

We have come a long long way since June 2016, but we still have a lot more to do. Learning and refining, helps focus everything we’ve learned so far.

Remainers are getting better at this, the Government is a horrific shambles. They can’t find the brewery, because they can’t decide what a brewery is and whether they want beer, wine or G&T.