It’s not just the 3 Knights clause that is important

Important, please read and respond !

The People's Challenge

What is the EU (Withdrawal) Bill?

The bill is supposed to be the legislation required to transform the legislation derived from the UK’s membership of the EU into standalone domestic legislation.

What are “Henry VIII” powers?

The parliamentary website gives this definition of Henry VIII powers:

“The Government sometimes adds this provision to a Bill to enable the Government to repeal or amend it after it has become an Act of Parliament. The provision enables primary legislation to be amended or repealed by subordinate legislation with or without further parliamentary scrutiny.

Such provisions are known as Henry VIII clauses, so named from the Statute of Proclamations 1539 which gave King Henry VIII power to legislate by proclamation.”

Why are the Henry VIII powers in the EU (Withdrawal) Bill so extraordinary?

The Henry VIII powers sought in the EU (Withdrawal) Bill enable the government to amend not only that bill, but any and

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