Conservative Friends of ECR launch, London

The European Conservatives and Reformists Group is the third largest political group in the European Parliament and dates from 2009. In December 2017, Conservative Friends of ECR (CFECR) will be launched.

Copyright 2017 Théroigne S B G Russell

Thursday 07 December 2017 18:00 – 19:30 GMT

London SW1 – venue details will be emailed to those who register
Eventbrite Conservative Friends of the ECR Launch


Syed Kamall MEP
Co-Chairman, ECR

Ashley Fox MEP
Leader, Conservative MEPs in European Parliament

The premise behind the new group, according to the Eventbrite blurb (scroll up for link) is that Conservative activists should work with ECR ” to tackle the common across our continent and build a new partnership with the EU “. OR, you can be cynical and think that it’s an attempt to interfere and influence within the European Parliament from outside it IF we Brexit.

Conservative Remainers could get involved with CFECR and the more that Conservative Remainers do this, whether Britain leaves the EU or not, the more influence Remainers have on CFECR being truly pro-EU.

It seems worth reading up on the CFECR website and going along to the launch, (which is free) to hear more, or just signing up for news and events. CFECR might be a new home for pro-EU Conservative Remainers, or it might not. It’s up to individuals to decide whether CFECR merely seeks to influence the European Parliament or whether it’s truly pro-EU – and of course, being pro-EU doesn’t mean preserving it in aspic. Reform is needed, and politicians will have different plans, models and opinions on this.

If you are a Conservative Remain voter in Europe, the Conservatives in the European Parliament share an office in Brussels.

Conservatives in the European Parliament
European Conservatives and Reformists
47-53 rue Wiertz

ECR Group website

RemainerAction is not politically affiliated. We are concerned only with giving people information and ideas to help them #StopBrexit legally and peacefully.

Should you decide that Conservative Friends of the ECR is not for you, the biggest group in the European Parliament, is the centre-right EPP Group, led by the European People’s Party. It isn’t possible to join the EPP as an individual  member from the UK, but you can sign up to their Dear Citizen campaign

The UK’s EPP affiliate is the 4 Freedoms Party. You can find our more about them and the EPP HERE with information on other EPP websites if you live in the EU.

There is a British pro-European Conservative group, chaired by Dominic Grieve QC MP
Conservative Group for Europe

A Backbencher’s View of Brexit, Dominic Grieve QC MP, London January 2018
Audio: SMR Mixcloud – Dominic Grieve QC MP Pro-EU Conference



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