What is the EU ? London

The Department for Transport has come to the conclusion that the European referendum will affect much of its work ” so it is going to be more vital than ever before to understand who and what we are negotiating with and how it works “.

The IRR Directorate launched a What is the EU ? speaker series in November, with Martin Jones, Head of EU Division presenting.

The latest event will be held on:

Friday 08 December 2017 12:30 – 14:00 GMT/UTC

Department for Transport
33 Horseferry Road

Eventbrite Dept of Transport What is the EU ?

The event is free, with no stated restrictions on admission. It is likely that the Department for Transport will be expecting civil servants or possibly people in the transport business. Extremely doubtful that anyone in pro-EU clothes with flags would get past security.

However, if you’re in the transport business, can do business casual and spend 1.5 hrs in SW1, you might learn something and/or get the opportunity to grill a Department for Transport speaker. Attending a talk at Department for Transport should count as a legit business expense, get you time off normal work and might even count for CPD.

Why start a speaker series on the EU in November 2017 ? It does on face value, seem to show incompetence within the Department for Transport. Clearly, it assumes a lack of vital knowledge about the EU. Department of Transport civil servants won’t be negotiating in trade talks.

If you focus on the EU part here, ie what it is and what it does, educating reasonable people about the EU generally brings them to the Remain camp. Could this be a very low key way of starting to filter info out about the EU, in a just-in-case-we-stay scenario ???

Dover, Kent Copyright 2017 Théroigne S B G Russell

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