Pulse of Europe and Flag Fiesta Day, Sunday 3rd December, 2 PM, meet at Bog Island (Terrace Walk)

Bath for Europe

Bath’s November Pulse of Europe event. Photo © Clive Dellard.

Join us for the final Pulse of Europe of this year – our tenth! Bath will be bustling with the Christmas Market in full swing so we will meet at Bog Island (Terrace Walk) instead of our usual meeting place. Please bring your voices and flags – EU and Union Jacks. Don’t forget your bells to ring and wear your Bath Berets to keep warm.

We will celebrate our pride in Europe and our wish to remain in the EU. There will be many EU flags flying alongside Union Jacks in the centre of Bath, so don’t miss this special event!

We are British and European! Photo © Clive Dellard.

If you were in the audience or listened to BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions? recorded in Bath on 24th November, then you’ll know that our national reputation as the…

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