Nick Clegg – Question and Answer

Salisbury for Europe

S4E member Dorothy Brunton attended a meeting at UCL in London with Nick Clegg who was answering questions on ‘How to Stop Brexit’. She give a short summary of some of his comments below:

Nick deliberately tried to stay off rerunning the referendum campaign and plunged straight into what’s happening now.

He said he had been to Europe repeatedly since the referendum and talked to many officials, most of whom he knows personally from past work. He said they were expecting Theresa May to come over and ask on the quiet for an amicable Norway style deal which would keep all sides reasonably happy and that they were already preparing a deal which allowed Britain to restrict immigration enough to satisfy the Brexit xenophobes. In the event the UK government made no attempt to ask for any such thing. European officials were amazed at the confrontational and extreme position adopted…

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