Looking to the future as Remainers

Remainers are fighting, determined and hopeful that we can stop Brexit.

Many of us will have made close friendships with Remainers in our communities, regions and in fact all over the UK. We might heave a huge sigh of relief if Brexit was halted tomorrow and we might also want to reclaim parts of our lives subsumed by Brexit.

It would be a terrible thing, if we just pushed the reset button and returned to our old lives, leaving those friends and networks, when we could be having fun and using our networks for good.

It’s neither the fault nor responsibility of the EU (or Remainers) that many communities in Britain have felt left behind. Many Leavers scapegoat the European Union without knowing anything about it, believing all the Euromyths told to them over 44 years of tabloid lies, which governments have turned a blind eye to.

It has been the governments, which have clung to dreams of Empire, wanting to boss everyone else in Europe about, wanting exceptions because we’re British. British governments haven’t been team players.

British governments seem to have europhobia. They want the European Union to be all about trade. David Davis MP even claimed that the European Union is an economic project not a political one, for Brits, in his speech at the Suddeutsche Zeitung summit in Berlin. Video: Suddeutsche Zeitung Berlin – David Davis MP (2017)

That may be true for some older people, who remember the Common Market and the European Economic Community or even the European Coal and Steel Community, but it isn’t true for the entire British population.

Remainers have had first hand experience of prejudices against the European Union, based on ignorance.

Selling the Benefits of the European Union

WhyEurope is a fantastic campaign, headed by students and presenting the benefits of the European Union in imaginative and bite-sized pieces. This is exactly the sort of thing which Remainers should be doing, to promote the EU.

Pulse of Europe runs awareness events on Sundays and there are two Pulse of Europe groups in the UK, one in Bath, the other in High Wycombe. More are needed.

DiEM25 is the Democracy in Europe 2025 Movement, a pan- European movement with branches in Brighton, Belfast, London and Nottingham and members in Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Cornwall and more, with new groups being formed.

Stand Up for Europe is another pan-European organisation, which you can join as an individual member.

New Europeans pan-European organisation, primarily for EU27 members, with offices in Brussels and Dublin, which you can join as an individual member. New Europeans will help you set up a branch in the UK.

European Movement United Kingdom is the British arm of the European Movement International and has branches around the UK.

Taking the messages and repeating them in imaginative ways and showing people what the EU does and can do for them, is essential.

Engaging with Europeans

Remainers should be engaging with EU27 citizens and working with their pro-European and cultural groups. Sussex (East and West) includes Hungarian, Polish, Irish, Greek and Finnish cultural groups, besides DiEM25 and a Franco-British group.

Getting Involved in Politics

Listening to the concerns of local people and doing what you can to address them in a pro-EU party, old or new, in any way you can – standing as a councillor or canvassing.

Democracy From the Bottom Up


Stopping Brexit doesn’t mean an instant fix, so you can get involved in campaigns, large and small to bring beneficial change to the UK and Europe on whatever you feel is most important and urgent in your community, the UK pr EU.

Remainers cannot solve all the problems, but we can make a concerted effort to stop the scapegoating of the European Union. We can listen, look for solutions and do what we can, locally and nationally, to address the problems.

Sir Winston Churchill, Westerham. Copyright 2017 Théroigne S B G Russell





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