Do we know where the UK is heading?

The People's Challenge

As we start another month on the road from the referendum to the date that the UK is supposed to leave the EU, are things any clearer?

The answer to that is a pretty unequivocal “Maybe!” It’s not just May, Johnson, Davis et al that bring “Talking Heads” to mind! Remember “The Road To Nowhere”?

It is certain that arriving at a deal with the EU isn’t the walk in the park that we were promised. The first stages of negotiations aren’t yet complete and they sit on a knife edge.

But even now it is clear that there will be large groups of UK and EU27 citizens that are not included in the protections currently being negotiated, including:

  • People who are not protected because they do not qualify as residents.
  • We don’t even know whether UK citizens living in EU countries will retain freedom of movement or just be…

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