We must stand up for Parliament so Parliament can stand up for What is Best for the UK!

The People's Challenge

This week’s events clearly show the dangers the UK faces, dangers that go far beyond the immediate one of a disorganised and ill thought-through move for the UK to leave the European Union.

For months now the Govt. has been attempting to bypass Parliament. Even if the Govt. is not in contempt of Parliament it is clearly contemptuous of Parliament’s sovereignty and authority.

This is the spectre floating above the UK. It’s not Brexit, but something  far more sinister. It threatens to sideline and usurp our elected representatives’ power to protect and serve us. It is a threat to our Parliament and to democracy in the UK.

It now appears that David Davis, the Secretary for Exiting the EU, has been playing fast and loose with what he says to Parliament. A dangerous game.

The sectoral impact statements have been released and they are not what Parliament ordered or what…

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