BrexitJustice update

On 04 December 2017 Marcus J Ball, originator of the #BrexitJustice crowdfund, supported by some 6000 people, posted an update.

The barristers for the case have received the last section of work and are reviewing, in order to give their legal opinion. Once this is given, if favourable then there will another round of crowdfunding. £225,000 has been raised and used so far. 600 backers have agreed to donate sums ranging from £10 to £1000 already. A media campaign will also begin and then “the fun part”, to quote Marcus J Ball.

Marcus asked backers who should be prosecuted first. Boris Johnson MP took top spot and Nigel Farage MEP came in second.

If you want to read the story so far, you will find it on Crowdfunder #BrexitJustice