The Epic Tale of Alba White Wolf’s First Trip to Europe!

Alba White Wolf

The Letters to Europe Project…

After collecting 1000 letters from Remainers at various protest events across the country I crowdfunded over £1300 to hand-deliver them to Brussels and attend meetings at the European Parliament with Guy Verhofstadt and others. Myself, Alba White Wolf and the Letters2Europe team (Andrew Galdron A.K.A FauxBoJo and Charlie Grosvenor) were to travel to Brussels from 6-10th December and make our voices heard at Christmas time with our message of peace, friendship and hope for the UK’s future in Europe. Brussels based friends Mathew Lowry and Richard Medic helped organise the trip and promote it from their side of the Channel.

IMG_4196 The Letters to Europe Team Protesting Outside the Berlaymont Building, Brussels

Difficulties From the Outset…

The trip was never going to be easy for several reasons; firstly, travelling with a dog adds a myriad of extra complications, such as vaccinations, finding dog-friendly accommodation, limitations on…

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