RemainerAction and Twitter

RemainerAction started as #RemainerAction, being a shorter version of Actions-Which-Remainers-Can-Take-As-Individuals-To-Protest-Brexit, back in the days of 140 characters per tweet.

It was a struggle because there are so many things that just don’t translate into tweets and there wasn’t an easy way to do threads back then either. The bullet was bitten and the natural domain name was of course

By March 2017, the @velvetsilk Twitter account had disappeared under the weight of Remainers, so a second account for RemainerAction happened.

The RemainerAction Twitter account isn’t automated in any way, it’s managed by a human.

Some people will be tweeting on behalf of groups or websites but the majority of people following RemainerAction do so as individuals.

For RemainerAction, Twitter is a tool, to direct traffic to the website. As a tool, it doesn’t do this at all well.

Certainly, many Tweeters seem to have the impression that RemainerAction doesn’t exist outside Twitter. As far as we know, none of the followers of the website’s blog are also Twitter followers.

Google brings traffic to the website just as well as Twitter with less effort and Facebook brings visitors too.

It has been a long year and we’re all tired and here in Remain Towers, we’re thinking about ways to work smarter, not harder.

Options being explored are spreading social media across other platforms and using Tweet Deck to automate some of the tweets from the website.

Photo by Théroigne S B G Russell 2017

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