UKIP and The Purple Leaflet

During December 2017, the South East of England is getting unwelcome Christmas presents in the form of leaflets from UKIP, using EFD funding, which seems likely to be illegal  for a national campaign.

You can report the leaflet to OLAF (sadly not one of Santa’s elves) for usinf EU funding on a national issue.

OLAF – European Commission European Anti-Fraud Office

Tweeters have suggested uses for the offensive leaflet, including cat litter tray liner and Richard Parson did a How to Smoke Kippers in a Open Fire video.

You could compost or recycle it, give it to the dog to rip up or send it back to UKIP, remembering to put the correct amount of postage on the envelope, natch.

Lexdrum House
King Charles Business Park
Newton Abbot
TQ12 6UT

Alternatively, if your group can get hold some sort of brazier or fire pit, you could advertise a ceremonial burning service at your next street stall but please do check council bye-laws first though.

However you dispose of the UKIP leaflet, please make sure that you have reported it (can be done anonymously) to OLAF

UKIP rubbish !


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