The Big EU Passport Campaign

Jennifer Wilson has a campaign running with a big red passport, (which she made herself) and she has been travelling around and accosting politicians to get support for British EU citizens in UK to protect our EU rights and FoM.

You can sign the petition on Change
The Big EU Passport Petition

If you want to make your own big red passport for a group street stall, here’s how to do it.  DIY Big Red EU Passport

You can read more about Jennifer’s travels and successes on her blog Breaking Brexit

Small protests can have a big impact !

#StopBrexit Photo by Théroigne S B G Russell 2017

One comment

  1. Dear RemainerAction (Théroigne),

    (Originally drafted 6 Jan 2018, but delayed to 16 Jan due to illness and PC problems)

    I am Jim Carter, tweeting under @JimCforEU. I felt I should try to contact you directly, and I do hope you see this attempt at contact and feel you can reply.

    I have been reading your extremely useful and informative website since I discovered it. I also maintain a special email folder for your posts, received via this email address, and often pass relevant posts to like-minded friends and relatives; and I have of course been following you and supporting you on Twitter.

    Although you have done far more than I have, I feel the origins of our activism have some parallel:

    Back in June 2016, I was horrified by the Referendum result, though not completely surprised. Afterwards, while supporting the rights of the British in the EU-27 and of EU expats here in the UK, I was appalled that no-one was raising the third “rights” issue: the outrageous unspoken assumption that it was fine to sign away our Freedom of Movement, that of all UK citizens. So I designed a UK Parliamentary Petition, and pestered my friends & relatives into sponsoring it. Twice it was rejected as a duplicate, but I appealed, and on the third try I got the UKPP accepted (#166833 “Preserve all existing rights of UK citizens to Freedom of Movement in the EU”).

    However, in spite of all my efforts, this failed, only achieving a few hundred signatures. I realised that this was at least partly due to my not being on social media to publicise it. So, after years of deliberately avoiding social media, I reluctantly joined Twitter last spring solely to pursue the campaign against Brexit. I have been following @RemainerAction on Twitter – liking, & occasionally RT’ing your tweets – since I found you on it.

    Since I have nothing but admiration and respect for your pro-EU / anti-Brexit work, I was surprised, puzzled and saddened to find on 5 Jan 18 that @JimCforEU was blocked from following @RemainerAction and viewing your tweets.

    If you could very kindly let me know the reason for this, I will try to remedy this ASAP; but since you have my entire goodwill and support, I hope that it is just a misunderstanding, which we can clarify and resolve.

    I really would appreciate an answer, and I do hope we can return to being allies and good colleagues in this vital campaign. Like you, I believe that Brexit just HAS to be stopped. To me, the only way to achieve this is planned, organised, co-operative action by all pro-EU / anti-Brexit groups and activists to re-convert “Weak Remainer” MP’s and persuade the general public that we can and should stay IN.

    Late update: by the way, I saw your post about Twitter not being very cost-effective for you in driving people to your (now improved) website, and I see that you’ve converted to a protected group, though I don’t quite understand how this works.

    I really liked your thread of 50 simple things Remainers can do, and I was doing my best to publicise this. I’m about to start campaigning to help Jennifer Wilson with her Big Passport UKPP #208007, which follows up my #168333. It will never reach 100k, but if we get it to 10k it will force a response that we can get our teeth into.

    Yours sincerely,

    Jim Carter.



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