RemainerAction Festive Fixes

RemainerAction’s Christmas Homework  starts with finishing the DExEU sector analyses and European Parliament-commissioned impact studies as blog posts side by side, so that you can compare and contrast.

After that, as many January events as we can find and putting those up on on the blog, Twitter and Facebook, so that Remainers can hit the ground running in 2018.

Between Christmas and New Year the RemainerAction website will be changing. Some of these will be visible, others not. The idea behind them, is Working Smarter. The more time which can be saved on routine processes, the more is freed up to do extra things.

An example. A human used to scurry around all the main newspapers sharing stories to Twitter and Facebook. Now, she uses a news aggregator, choosing Brexit and European stories from around the world. Two clicks and chosen  story is up on Twitter or Facebook. That frees up an enormous amount of time.

The RemainerAction Twitter account @RemainerAction is completely human-managed. Loading up event info from the blog and sending out automatically across the day,by Tweet Deck, would free up time.

When the RemainerAction website was born, a year ago, there wasn’t nearly so much information as there is now. It was enough to just stick it all on the website or blog. Now, it needs to be curated in a way which makes it easier to find.


Pumpkin cake, Beano’s, Folkestone. Copyright 2017 Théroigne S B G Russell

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