EU Citizens

EU citizens are in an uncertain position, being used as bargaining chips by a xenophobic Tory government.

After telling EU citizens not to apply for Permanent Residency, the Home Office is sending out letters, telling EU citizens that they will have to start applying for ‘settled status’ in 2018.

No matter how long you’ve been away from your native EU member state, it is prudent to have an up to date passport. Some EU member states allow children and grandchildren, even great grandchildren, to obtain citizenship. Others put restrictions on, so that only children registered as foreign births, can pass on nationality to their children, if born outside the EU member state. The best way to start on this process is to check the EU member state’s website.

Applying for an Irish passport

The 3 Million is the main campaign and support group for EU citizens living in the UK.

Your Europe Advice is an EU-wide advice service for the public.

SOLVIT steps up to the next level and helps with

ECAS is the European Citizens’ Action Service. It runs the EU Rights Clinic to help EU citizens with problems they encounter when trying to move around the EU.

All EU citizens can use which is similar to the UK’s Freedom of Information (FOI) process.

Use EU citizens as a search term to find campaigns.

Eastern European Resource Centre helps Central and Eastern Europeans, mainly in London. Barka UK helps vulnerable people from Poland. Look for local organisations too. They will go up in the county listings when found eg Polska Kent and Sussex Hungarian Cultural Association 

Eunite website