First Steps

First Steps to Bresisting Brexit !

Contact your MP and MEPs

MPs and MEPs have a library, researchers and often a research assistant. What they don’t have is YOUR story. If you use you can tell them by email how YOU feel about Brexit. You might have suffered already ie food and fuel prices, more expensive holiday, wage freeze, less overtime, threat of or actual redundancy, economic setbacks to your own business. You might be an EU citizen who has been here paying tax and national insurance for many years. Or a disenfranchised teenager in UK or a UK citizen abroad, in EU or not.

Find an MP..any MP  Find a British MEP

Sign petitions

This can be done during any spare few minutes. Suggest checking back periodically to sign new ones. Must be resident in UK for UK Parliament petitions, resident in EU for EU petitions. Others can be signed from anywhere.

UK Parliament   EU Parliament  Change  Avaaz

Contact the Prime Minister

The contact form for Number 10 is HERE and it’s useful to complain about ideas such as giving Nigel Farage MEP a knighthood, or any other hare-brained idea.

NB. If it comes up as being unsafe with the s knocked off https:// click on advanced setting and it will probably give a message that there is no connection to the server. This often happens when something contentious occurs. Probably #10 ICT disconnecting server or website being overwhelmed. Just make your notes and check back later, copying and pasting notes into contact form.

Search for local groups and join

Search regions on the Home page sidebar or on Facebook and Twitter, by Googling with town name or county plus ‘ stays’ or ‘for Europe’.

Use the Search facility on the website

You’ll find it top right. Every blog post is categorised and tagged and as long as you expand the post, you’ll find Google Translate at the bottom.

Searching month and year for example eg November 2017, will bring up all details of protests, marches, talks, courses, films, exhibitions and other events on the website taking place that month.