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Anglo-Belgian Society
Anglo-German Family History Society
Anglo-German Foundation
Austrian Embassy
Austrian Cultural Forum London 
Barka UK
Belgian Embassy
British Czech & Slovak Association (BCSA)
British-German Association
The British Hungarian Society
The British-Lithuanian Society
British Polish Chamber of Commerce
British Polish Law Association
Bulgarian Embassy
Camden and Hampstead for Europe Facebook
Camden for Europe
Camden in Europe blogspot
City Eastern European Society (City University)
Conservative Group for Europe
Centre for European Reform
Croatian Embassy
Croydon for Europe Facebook
Cyprus High Commission  
National Federation of Cypriots in the UK
Czechian (Czech Republic) Embassy
The Anglo-Danish Society
The Danish Club
Danish Embassy
DiEM 25 London Facebook
Dutch Centre
Dutch Embassy
Eastern European Resource Centre
East London Network Against Brexit
Estonian Embassy
European Movement Ealing
Finnish Embassy
Anglo-Finnish Society
Franco-British Society
French Embassy
Goethe Institut
German Embassy
Greek Embassy
Greenwich for Europe
Hillingdon for Europe
Hungarian Cultural and Heritage Society
Hungarian Embassy
Institut Français
Irish Embassy
Islington IN Europe
Italian Embassy
Together Forward (Italians)
British Italian Society
Anglo-Italian Family History Society
King’s College London Student Union (KCLSU) EU Action Group Facebook
Lewisham East for Europe Facebook
Latvian Embassy
Lithuanian Embassy
European Movement London
London for Europe
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London European Meetup Club
LSESU German Society
Luxembourg Embassy
Maltese High Commission
Micro Rainbow International
On Bouge
European Movement Poplar & Limehouse
Polish Cultural Institute
Polish Embassy
The Polish Heritage Society UK
Polska YMCA London
Portuguese Embassy
QMUL Eastern European Society
Richmond Stronger IN Europe
Slovakian Embassy
Slovenian Embassy
South West London Pro-European Network Facebook
Spanish Embassy
Stand Up For Europe London

European Movement Streatham
Svenska Skolan
Swedish Embassy
UCLU German Society
Vlaamse Club Londen
Putney and Wandsworth – Britain Stronger In Europe – Facebook
European Movement Wandsworth
Wandsworth Borough Stronger In Europe Facebook
Wandsworth for Europe
Westminster and City Stronger In Europe