Protesting Brexit: Students and Young People

Copyright 2013 Théroigne S B G Russell

Firstly, you don’t need to be 18, to email your MP. You don’t need to be British either. You MUST live in the MP’s constituency. Put your postcode into and the website will find your MP. Tell him or her YOUR story. How post-referendum Britain is affecting you and your family now and how Brexit would affect you (and them) in the future. You can track your MP in Parliament and respond to any speeches, votes or questions s/he produces, getting an email alert from

You don’t need to be 18 to email your MEP. Again, will find him or her. To track their votes, speeches etc it’s

Young European Movement for the Under 35s costs as little as £5.00 to join. If there isn’t a local branch near you, contact the Local Branches Officer on the website and they will help you set one up. YEM Branches

New Europeans costs £3.00 or 3 euros for students to join and is a pan-European organisation see Brussels page for more details. To set up a new branch, contact the regional coordinator. Who We Are > Volunteers > Regional Coordinators.

RemainerAction is continually adding pro-EU and pro-European groups of all kinds to the group pages (look by region and county), including groups for EU citizens, students, European culture and twinning.

As a student, there are some prestigious British-European friendship groups in London, which you can usually join for just £5.00 per year. You’ll find them on the London page in London and SouthEast.

Check for pro-EU groups with your local Student Union. If there isn’t one (many are on Facebook) ask your Student Union about setting one up.

Petitions. Whenever you’re online, have a quick check for pro-EU anti-Brexit petitions and sign them.  Petitions

It’s a time-honoured tradition, for students to protest. If you follow Remain groups on Twitter and Facebook you’ll learn when and where. In London you can join the Richmond Terrace Vigil near Downing Street three times a week. Twitter account is @RichmondVigil. York also has a weekly vigil York Vigil

Over 18s at uni get the choice to vote at home OR uni for General Elections but can vote in both for local elections.  Your Vote Matters – Students so make sure you’re registered. Getting caught voting in both areas would cancel out your vote and gain you a fine of up to £5000. Both for local elections, one or other for General Election.

EU citizens in the UK cannot vote in General Elections but CAN vote in local elections so please register ASAP especially if you want a postal vote. Not all local elections took place on 04 May 2017 and council by-elections happen throughout the year.

ECIT Foundation has produced a PDF showing you how to set up and run a student debate circle ECIT Foundation Student Debate Circle PDF