Small Protests

Copyright 2017 Théroigne S B G Rusell

Do you have the time to get along with EU flags and placards to protest peacefully, just to let the Leavers know Remainers are around and NOT giving up ?

Besides the Richmond Vigil and the York for Europe weekly vigil RemainerAction will add any suitable Leaver event below.

For safety’s sake, please DON’T protest outside an event below by yourself

No set date for the first two, so you could rope in some friends, get your own Twitter and Facebook accounts and protest on a regular basis.

Legatum Institute is a think tank, with a lot of influence on the Conservatives.
Private Eye on Legatum Institute
Legatum Institute website

Institute for Free Trade (IFT)
Pro-Brexit ‘think tank’ for Right Wingers (says it’s non-partisan but advocates Brexit).
Institute for Free Trade (IFT)

Watch this space…